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Meet Jeannette! She is currently completing her Undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (Health Stream), with a minor in Psychology. Watch this quick video of Jeannette sharing her research experience as a student in the HEAL lab.





Check out Noelle Citron presenting her research with Carly Biderman and Dr. Kendall Soucie at CPA 2022 in Calgary, Alberta! Her qualitative study explores how women with PCOS disclose their PCOS to others, and how disclosure fosters social support, reciprocity and impacts QOL. Way to go Noelle!

Rachel CPA Conference

Check out Rachel Katzman presentation her poster at CPA 2022 in Calgary, Alberta! Her study explored qualitative and quantitative predictors of online mental health help seeking in young adults. She found that young people reach out to family/friends for help; however, searching for information online or posting to a large audience was least helpful. Distress disclosure and stigma also impact intentions to seek help, which in turn impacted behaviour! Very important results re: help-seeking with implications for mental health programming. Excellent work Rachel!

UWill Discover 2017!





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